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Aus dem Englischunterricht:

Dear class 7 parents and other interested persons,
here is what might give you an impression of what kept us busy in class for the last couple of English lessons. As you probably know our main topic has been "school": we´ve started by repeating the "school" vocabulary of class 5, added the "subjects", wrote our time tables in English and learned the song "What a Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke. We began dealing with the British school system, by starting with a repetition of vocabulary on "clothes" and getting some selected information on 4 of the most popular London private schools. With this information on hand 4 groups of pupils worked in teams on the task of setting together the correct uniforms for the particular schools and choosing and dressing a "group model" in the appropriate school uniforms, which finally were presented to the rest of the class orally. As a final result of this work these most awesome posters were designed and are to be seen in the classroom at the moment. They perfectly reflect the individuality and creativity of your children. Great job, class 7!!!
Kind regards from a very happy English teacher M. Cannati-LIese